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Eva Willer-Andersen

Eva Willer-Andersen (previously Eva Lockey) was born in 1952 in Copenhagen and came to live in the UK at the age of 12. She completed her BA at North East London Polytechnic in 1977, followed by a postgraduate degree in sculpture from St Martins School of Art in 1978. In 1979 she completed a postgraduate ATTC degree at Goldsmiths College.

From 1980-85 Willer-Andersen was based at the old LEB Depot studios in Greenwich making sculpture. These were large carved and assembled wood pieces and she also painted clay sculptures. During this time she took part in a residency making sculptures as part of the artists in schools placement by the Whitechapel Art Gallery and later went on to teach in several colleges including Oxford Polytechnic, NELP, Ravensbourne College of Art, and Goldsmiths.

After the birth of her daughter in 1985, Willer-Andersen stopped making sculpture and focused fully on painting. In 1987 she spent time in the US at the Triangle workshop, established by Anthony Caro, bringing international artists together to work in a number of barn buildings in Mashomack, New York, with visiting guest critic: Clement Greenberg. In 1991 she took part in The Emma Lake workshop for professional artists in Saskatchewan, Canada, where Ken Noland was resident guest painter.

Willer-Andersen has participated in exhibitions at the Whitechapel Gallery, Sandra Higgins Gallery, Contemporary Art Society, AIR Gallery and the Mall Galleries. She has works in public and private collections.


EVA WILLER-ANDERSEN: Butterfly Effect, 22 April - 15 May 2022, Felix & Spear (e-Pamphlet)

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