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Rosie Leventon

Rosie Leventon’s practice spans across sculpture installations, land art, drawings and paintings. Her drawings and paintings are normally coloured and involve experimenting with different media. Some are proposals for sculpture, and others are drawings or paintings in their own right.

Leventon’s work is grounded in a sensitive concern for the natural environment and how we use it. Her outdoor installations often have functional, regional elements, like promoting biodiversity and regeneration. Leventon sees her work as interweaving a kind of personal archaeology with the archaeology of contemporary society and the physical archaeology of places.

Leventon studied Chinese Language & Archaeology (1974-5, London University) followed by a Fine Art Degree (1976-79, Croydon College of Art) and Post Graduate in Advanced Sculpture (1979-80, Central St Martins School of Art).

She works internationally including Poland, Russia, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, USA, Spain, Germany, France, Japan, Denmark and the UK.

Winner of the Felix & Spear Exhibition Prize 2019.


Rosie Leventon:  endangered dust  4th - 25th March 2020, Felix & Spear, London (e-Flyer).

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